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Andrea Mather-Stow's Page

Thank you for clicking on my donations page and for considering making a contribution to this year's fundraiser!   The work of SMH is incredibly valuable and every donation is appreciated and used to provide vital services for our community.  

Come walk with me ---in person or virtually via your donation :)
In Solidarity,

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My Donation Goal $1000.00


Collected So Far: $1030

Donate Donate For Andrea

Donate to St. Margaret's house on behalf of Andrea Mather-Stow so that they can reach their donation goal of $1000.00!



Thanks To Those Who Have Donated So Far:

Fran Haubold
Larry McHugh
Barb Truhler
Kathleen Krebs
Lisa Caponigri
Perry Stow
Hildelore Duffy
Andrea Mather-Stow
Cherish Patterson